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A detailed product process description for the Swing Arm Shredder Machine


A detailed product process description for the Swing Arm Shredder Machine


Here's a detailed product process description for the Swing Arm Shredder Machine:

Introducing the Swing Arm Shredder Machine

In the modern recycling industry, efficiency and reliability are paramount. The Swing Arm Shredder Machine stands at the forefront of shredding technology, boasting a robust design that promises to deliver performance and durability. Engineered with precision, this machine is an essential asset for businesses looking to optimize their shredding operations.


Innovative Hydraulic Pusher System

At the heart of the Swing Arm Shredder is its powerful two-speed, swing-type hydraulic pusher. This innovative system ensures a consistent feed of materials into the shredder, effectively preventing blockages that can hinder productivity. The hydraulic pusher's dynamic action reduces the wear on the internal guide rail, ensuring long-term reliability and reducing maintenance needs.


Robust Rotor Design

The machine's rotor is a masterpiece of engineering, with a substantial diameter of 480 mm. It is driven by a choice of one or two reducers, providing the torque necessary to shred even the most challenging materials. The flexibility in the machine's design allows for a minimum turning width of 1200 mm and can accommodate a maximum width of 2500 mm, making it versatile for various shredding requirements.


Space-Saving Integration

Understanding the value of space, the hydraulic pressure station is seamlessly integrated within the shredding machine cavity. This design not only saves valuable floor space but also serves to protect the hydraulic station from the rigors of the operational environment. Maintenance and replacement of components are made effortless, ensuring that downtime is minimized.


Customer-Approved Components

The standard components of the Swing Arm Shredder, including the rotor, knife, cutter holder, outer bearing, and hydraulic screen brackets, have garnered positive feedback from our esteemed customers. Their well-received design is a testament to the machine's ability to meet and exceed the rigorous demands of the industry.



The Swing Arm Shredder Machine represents a significant advancement in shredding technology. Its thoughtful design and customer-approved components make it a valuable addition to any operation seeking to enhance efficiency and reliability. With its innovative features and robust construction, the Swing Arm Shredder is poised to set new standards in the recycling sector.If you are interested, please contact us:Email:001@jrplas.com.