SMW Plastic Pulverizer

Short Description:

The SMW Model High-Speed Turbo-type Plastic Pulverizer series, which has the advantages of high-yield and low-power. This machine can be used for powder processing of PolyvinylChloride (PVC).

1. High-yield, strong resistance and the life of this grinding disc is double the ordinary.
2. The use of newly designed professional bearings, and reached a high rotation rate. At the same time using only one drive motor, to ensure the efficient grinding crash, which greatly saves the time and operation of machinery and control engineering.
3. Installation and maintenance easily, open the door to cover clean-up.
4. Milling process of the whole seal, without dust leakage.
5. Full automated, automatic feeding, the materials and sorting.
6. Grinding gap adjustment is simple, just use the plug-foot bolts and adjustments can be fine-tuning (20-80 mesh)
7. The host used the water and wind double cooling system; Rational design of smaller cross-section of the grinding chamber, grinding is almost flat vertical surface. Material entered the grinding chamber as soon as caught, grout, and then rapidly removed, which eliminates the grinding chamber of the surge in materials, heating materials to avoid decomposition, resulting in improved production.

Product Detail

Function Description

1. Vibration function is to feed the machine will be added to the homogeneous materials in milling.
2. Axis milling machine from the high-speed rotary cutter knife set with high-speed rotating disk of material to enable high-speed access and grinding plate movement, a strong collision blade, cutting into powder.
3. Fans will be playing the role of good material from the grinding mill machine conveyor cyclone.
4. The cyclone is a function of good material and the mill will have a fan of the air separation.
5. Rotary valve’s function is to wear good material to the shaker will be isolated in the cyclone with wind.
6. Shaker is a function of the mill will be good material for separation.
7. ESP is the function of the cyclone winds and a small amount of material out of isolation.
8. Pulverizer: according to different materials and different thickness of the powder, the mill machine to adjust the door on the adjustment screws, adjustable blade gap. A total of 8 adjustment screw, with four top remember inside, plug-foot blade measuring the gap to ensure that the same space without friction collision.
9. In the production process to carry out regular checks whether the normal flow of cooling water, the screen is blocked shock, vibration screen in time to clear, lubricating first class.
10. Boot steps: first open milling machines, electric motors to achieve a normal speed when another fan, and shaker, the last open feeding machine.
11. Shutdown: Shut off feeding first, when the host is not related materials after the milling machine host, the host stopped, the fans and shaker continue to work, materials will be disposed of after the cessation of all motor.

The Notes of Operation

Selection table

Model Main motor power Vibration Sieve Power Air Shutter Power Output
SWM-400 22KW 0.75KW 3KW 80-100kg/h
SWM-500 37KW 0.75KW 4KW 150-200kg/h
SWM-600 55KW 0.75KW 5.5KW 250-300kg/h
SWM-800 75KW 1.1KW 11KW 450-500kg/h

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