Prospect of plastic washing and recycling equipmen

In July 2017, the former Ministry of environmental protection adjusted and listed 24 kinds of solid "foreign wastes" including waste plastics and waste paper into the catalogue of prohibited import of solid wastes, and implemented the import ban on these "foreign wastes" from December 31, 2017. After a year of fermentation and implementation in 2018, the import volume of waste plastic foreign waste in China dropped sharply, which also led to the outbreak of waste problems in Europe, America, Latin America, Asia and Africa.


Due to the implementation of such policies, the gap of waste treatment in various countries is increasing. Many countries have to face the problem of disposing waste plastics and other wastes by themselves. In the past, they could be packaged and exported to China, but now they can only be digested at home.

Therefore, the demand for plastic cleaning and recycling equipment in various countries is increasing rapidly, including crushing, cleaning, sorting, granulation and other plastic equipment, which will usher in a great leap forward period and outbreak period. With the deepening of foreign garbage ban in China and the enhancement of garbage treatment awareness in various countries, the recycling industry will certainly grow in a blowout shape in the next five years. Our company also accelerates the production and promotion of such equipment In order to catch up with the international wave and make the company's product series more comprehensive.

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In today's global integration, all countries are closely linked. The environmental problems of each country are also the environmental problems of all mankind. In the plastic recycling industry, we have the responsibility and obligation to strengthen the plastic recycling industry and the environmental governance of mankind. In the production of our own equipment, but also for the entire environment, let's face a beautiful and clean future.

I wish the people of every country a clean living space and a better and better life for all mankind. Healthy growth, carefree.



Post time: Oct-29-2020