MF Plastic Pulverizer

Short Description:

Performance characteristics

1.This machine is equipped with the wind and water cycle cooling system for heat-sensitive material processing.

2.Principal axis (rotor) of high-speed rotating generated ultrasonic vortex wave, which’s pressure will vibrate raw materials into powder (without sieve).

3.The Disk are made from high-quality steel, which advantages are good wear resistance and suitable for continuous operation.

4.The machine has the following advantages: small size, compact structure, fully sealed, no dust spills and as long as open the door cover of this machine, you will be able to carry out maintenance on this machine.

5.The machine can transport material by air pressure which formed by itself.

6.The vibrating feeder is equip, which can be control the feeding volume.

7.The vibration sieve is equip, which can be control the fineness of the material.

8.The dust removal device is equip, which can reduce the amount of dust.

Product Detail

Mechanical structure and working principle

This pulverizer is composed by feeder hopper, vibrating feeder, enclosure, Disk, Principal axis, The host motor, discharger fan blade, Dust collector, Electric control box, vibrating sieve and other components.

Working principle: Principal axis (rotor) of high-speed rotating generated ultrasonic vortex wave, which’s pressure will vibrate raw materals into powder (without sieve).

The requirement of Installation and Run in

1.You should be familiar with the contents of this manual, the machine structure and the role of electric buttons, the belt of cutter rotation direction must comply with the direction of the arrow marked on casing.

2.Installation steps:

(1)The part of equipment’s frame is installed in suitable location, and empty out some space for operation and maintenance around.

(2)Put the Rotary valve fixed on the cyclone separator, and then connect the cyclone separator with dust collector by pipe.

(3)Connected to water, pipe, and connected to the power .

(4)To check whether the loosening of screws after installation.

3.After the installation and check-up, you can adjust the bolt which located on the door of pulverizer’s host according to different material, and the gap of disks (With plug-foot blade measuring the gap to ensure that the same space). By hand axis of rotation to ensure that there was no unusual noise, proof-reading the main electric, electric fan vibration of the direction of rotation. To ensure that the correct host before it can start, restart, the machine can produce material when the normal speed.

4.The election is expected to be appropriate (3-5mm), to charge into the control and can not overload, the main motor ammeter according to the instructions should not exceed 85A motor will be burned otherwise, should not have the metals, stones, and other hard objects to smash into damage-in room

Selection table

Model Main motor power Vibration Sieve Power Air Shutter Power Output
MF-400 22KW 0.55KW 3KW 40-150kg/h
MF-500 37KW 0.75KW 4KW 150-200kg/h
MF-600 45KW 0.75KW 5.5KW 120-380kg/h
MF-800 55KW 1.1KW 11KW 450-500kg/h


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