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Suzhou Jiarui Machinery Co., Ltd.  is a set design, development, production, sales as one of professional plastic machinery manufacturers. In modern emerging cities, triangle, known as the hometown of China plastic machinery, zhangjiagang. The geographical position is superior, both in trade and business cooperation is very convenient.

Plastic recycling equipment and extrusion equipment my company has 20 years manufacturing experience, brought together professional and technical team, has perfect machining equipment and supporting facilities, the production process is very mature. At present main products are heavy mill, crusher for tray, a barrel bag special grinder, single/double shaft shredding machine, single/double shaft film shredding machine, large pipe dedicated shredding machine, PET recycling line, PE/PP film recycling cleaning line, machine and its auxiliary equipment ,Plastic extrusion line and other products. At the same time can provide special according to customer requirements and broken separation recycling equipment.


Enterprise Culture

The development of the company has been adhering to the quality first, service first philosophy, constantly create update production technologies and processes; Our pursuit of excellence, and constantly enhance their strength; We keep improving to provide clients with more comprehensive and effective plastic recycling scheme and extrusion scheme.

In today's global integration, every country will have more in-depth exchanges. As a Chinese enterprise, we will uphold the better concept of "made in China" to serve global customers.

We will also be committed to the production and recycling of plastic products, bring more efficient and energy-saving equipment, and do our part in the global environmental protection. We have been fighting for the belief that we can update technology faster, produce products more effectively and recycle waste plastics more environmentally.